Tuesday, 15 August 2017


It is often said, "Life is a journey." That trip also includes learning and growing. Bingo and other forms of games are a way to learn a variety of skills: patience, teamwork, listening and communicating, etc.

In the process of research for this article, my little learning for today is that in Australia and New Zealand Bingo is called House. Interestingly, House is also defined by the Urban Dictionary as "one that has a stable living environment," or a way to refer to a roommate. But instead of breaking down to urban lingo, let's investigate House in the country "Down Under".

House is similar to bingo because it contains a card containing 27 places. Remember a Bingo card in the US has 25 spaces (5 rows of 5). In House the card has 3 rows of 9 spaces. The first column contains the numbers from 1 to 9 (or 10). The second column contains the numbers from 10 (or 11) to 20. The third, 30 (or 31) to 40 and so on to the last column containing the numbers 81 to 90. Each row contains five digits and four blank spaces. In other words, each ticket has 15 digits printed with 12 blank spaces.

As with Bingo, there is a "caller". There are several articles that refer to the caller and caller. But I'm leaving ... Typical Housie begins when the caller is 'Eyes Down'. The numbers are generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG) by drawing on a counter or bingo ball from a mechanical drawing machine.

The winning combinations also resemble Bingo:

Line - which includes a horizontal line on the ticket.

Two Lines - covering 2 horizontal lines on the card.

Full House - with all 15 songs on the ticket.

As with bingo, players use a "dabber" or "dauber" to mark the numbers on their ticket when that number is called. When a person wins, there are no formal rules about what to shout. Most people will be "YES!" Or "BINGO!" Shout. "LINE!" Or "HOUSE!" Are also acceptable and general notices to win?

No matter what version of Bingo you play - online or terrestrial, and whether you're playing in Kansas or Oz, as always, we hope you're having fun, and maybe the sweetness of a winning windfall will be on your way!

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