Friday, 25 August 2017


The old man's winter has finally been abandoned, as he causes havoc on the other side of the world. The long-awaited spring has finally arrived on Thursday, March 20th and happy days are there again.

Thank God, online bingo players are working in the vicinity of the hard elements. But that does not mean that no one soon gives their favorite pastime! The old habits are hard to break and who wants to lock the Bingo action in the closet until the next winter.

When spring comes to our door, a little care is needed. It's a new year of life when the leaves grow in the trees and the flowers begin to germinate. It's time to grab your gardening tools, clean the garden and plant seeds for your flower garden and orchards.

Then, when you're ready to go to a 90-ball bingo game, the dreaded memory draws, the house needs spring cleaning. Pick up your cleaning supplies, bucket, mop, broom and dust, because instead of bingo balls you fight the dustballs.

Why is it enough for every bingo player to grab their fragrant salts at the thought of everything? The winter routine left us with a house that is in complete chaos because players retire to the Bingo community.

Knowing that spring cleaning is something that can no longer be avoided, the laptop lid closes suddenly and Bingo is put on hold. Just like a sprint runner who wants to break the all-time record, it's only a few hours before the progressive jackpot game is about to begin and time is the essence.

The curtains come in each room, cushions, bedspreads and carpets are thrown into the washing machine. With the power of the Incredible Hulk, the devices are pulled out of the walls and the backside is inlocked, dust balls are removed.

The blinds are removed from the windows to flush and flush with the hose. Nearby closets, cookers and refrigerators are cleaned. The floors are washed and seemed to be brand new. Since Spiderman separates the walls by cleaning them with soapy water, it looks like a cool coat paint.

It's time to sign up for your favorite Bingo site. You make a quick deposit, take a juicy bonus and you're ready to play with a few minutes to save.

The smell of spring comes outside and in your house. Brilliant with pride you realize, you realize, the curtains must now iron; there are no shadows on the windows and no sheets on the bed!

Tomorrow is another day.............

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