Thursday, 24 August 2017

When a Bingo Site Changes Its Look like 888ladies

What thoughts are your thoughts when your favorite bingo site changes her look? I assume that if all changes are better; do not you think of happy thoughts but what if the changes are disappointing? Are upgrades or new looks a deal breaker for you?

888ladies recently revealed a brand new look and rolled out a new campaign with its players in mind, but it seems a bit to be missed. Actually, I think it's an important thing, but I will come later.

Basically 888ladies bingo players spoke about what they believed made a good online bingo site. The results were taken into account and the new 'You Make It Great' campaign was born.

According to 888ladies, the recent changes revealed players more of what they want, including special features such as the Make It Great voice that gives players the chance to share their feelings about what's happening in the site Relates.

They also added a Casino Games tab to the lobby, making the games much easier accessible. Finally, the site looks completely different. The new design and interface are intended to improve our experience.

More about the redesign of a 888ladies press release: "As part of the launch of the updated a new multimedia campaign has been developed that reflects how real women can experience their 888ladies and present in the new TV Ad Here.

 As part of the Campaign offers various promotions for players including 888 Free Bingo rooms for non-refundable players, a 15k giant jackpot game that is open to all players and 500 free Daily Bingo rooms that will be available to all depositors In addition, the new 888ladies also offer a welcome bonus where new players can play with 35, by setting up only 10.

I'm more than willing to accept change, but the new 888ladies seem to miss one thing. Where are the 888ladies? The cute little round ladies are gone. They have given the charm of the site and the removal of them is as if you release the jelly in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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