Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Bingo Crew and their wizards

I enjoy playing online bingo just as much as I enjoy traditional bingo. Sometimes you just have to get out. I woke up and I knew what to do. It's dangerous, but the local Gala Bingo club is a short walk away. I sat there for a while and thought. Should I or not I? Before I knew, I was fast on the street. The section between is all blurred.

I enjoyed the scenery as I made my way to the city. On my way, I'm considering buying an electronic bingo machine. I usually do but they can be so pricey and they do not always guarantee a profit. In my view, I watched 24 tickets on a portable electronic bingo machine. I found my place in the hall and settled in. I scanned the spot and noticed that the same people were in the back of the hall at the bingo wizard machines. I just knew they would win. Why? They always win. It never fails. I call them "The Bingo Crew" or "the crew" for short. I've been thinking so often to just get up and ask how many tickets they buy. It must have something with their happiness.

The first game was going on and sure enough, named one of the winning crew members. In particular, a happy lady took a total of about 350 pounds. I had a machine and I could not even win a £ 5 line but this group won almost half of all the games played. When it was time for the linked bingo games, I just could not wait until they were there. With the linked bingo we play against all bingo clubs across the country. It's almost impossible to win or is it? Of all bingo players in the country, the double line and the house went to the crew.

I could feel my face getting hot. I'm lost in a fantasy to get up and shout: "How is that possible!" And skip tables. I came back to reality when the session was terminated. Thank you, I was on a machine. I missed the last game.

Today belonged to the crew. Well, you know what they say, if you can not beat you, you come along. '

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