Thursday, 31 August 2017

Explore The Bingo Birthday

If it' s a birthday of a bingo player, the festivities go for granted. You know that you can all relate. It was again that time of year, the mother in law' s birthday. She plays bingo every day of her life, but she mostly loves when her hair is birthday. It' s like a happy star hangs over her head all day long. Of course I was ready to participate in the bingo plans so the two of us were to our Gala Bingo club.

Electronic bingo cards are now a bit more acceptable among players, but there are still those who find the whole concept annoying. They find that electronic players have a greater advantage on them with more cards and the ability of fixed games. I' ve always gone the electronic route, but MIL is a dirty dabber, so I decided to come to her.

Gala Bingo offers ten games per book including a pair of linked bingo games. We are afraid of the linked games because the chance of winning against players from all over the country is slim. In fact, there are more of us who play one game than in an online bingo room. Because there are several players who regularly know her, her favorite table was decorated with birthday balloons and flowers.

The caller who despised her even wished her a happy birthday before the matches began. It has been a while since I wrote about MIL bingo tests and tribulations, so I have to mention it. To say that she is a serious bingo player would be the understatement of the century. She can begin to say she's lucky and by the end of the session she sits her head against the table.

There are those callers that they cannot stand and those who, according to her, are alright. I have to admit it was a bit entertaining to see that the caller who hated them the most in the world was on stage on her birthday. She only thinks the poor man, because she believes she loses the game every time he calls

The game. There must also be a lucky star on this day because she managed to achieve a full house win that saved him from her wrath. If only a birthday bingo session can be for us all!

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Do not worry about playing Bingo Gaming

Here's a little song I wrote. You may want to sing the note for note. Do not worry. To be happy. Or better yet, play bingo. Why is it that when I play online bingo my concerns are always out of sight and out of control? There is something so comfortable about sitting a few bingo games.

There are times when the worries get us. Maybe something went wrong in our love life or we have a sick family member. There is always a place where we can go. An online bingo site is waiting to clear our minds and steal our focus. It can be a healthy escape to help us through the trials and tribulations of life find the more info visit at 888 ladies 

I have worked at bingo multiple times than I can count. I can sign in to an online bingo sites and socialize and participate in bingo, slots, scratchcards or casino games. Sometimes I do not even have to spend my own money because I have won bingo money or money from loyalty points. I can relax in the comfort of my own home and play bingo into the contents of my heart.

If I really want to get away, I go to my regular bingo club. There I meet friends and enjoy a cocktail or two if I want to. Most recently, I had a friend who had some personal concerns who thought her hard. She called me up and asked me to meet her at bingo. Of course that was a pleasure I would have liked. We never talked about her problems. We spent several afternoon games bingo and played some of the new slot games that were added recently. We sat and had a cup of tea and laughed at noon.

The whole time we were there she had a smile on her face and did not seem to care in the world. It was a fun but non destructive way to get rid of her blues. Bingo works more away in our lives when we really love the game. It becomes part of us. So do not worry. Play New bingo sites UK

Monday, 28 August 2017

Complain your thing on Bingo Gambling

Misinterpreting songs to songs can have comical consequences if you've started singing for years, you've been sung with the wrong words. We did it all in one way or another and as soon as we get to know the true lyrics, we feel super foolish and nobody hoped to ever hear us singing.

But inevitably, we hit red hands and sing our hearts to a tune when our friend or family member suddenly burst out of laughter. Confused and speculating if our singing is really so bad, we get a training on the right texts soon.

For days even weeks you're the kidding of every joke because your words are minimized because you never live. There are many songs on songs that I have swollen over the years, causing me a little embarrassment.

For example, take a refund in 1969 'It's Your Thing' from the Islay Brothers, ranked as the top 500 songs from Rolling Stone magazine from time to time. For years I thought the lyrics were "your thing" and you've often wondered what's being referred to!

My own personal version of this song could easily be explained if you are a lover of Scratch Cards. It's about revealing itchiness and symbols. If luck and the symbols match to your advantage, there may be serious cash.

Jackpots reach huge proportions that bump out many Bingo and Slot Jackpots, while some are as high as $ 200,000. It's an Instant Win game that generates a great deal of efficiency.
Profits can change lives and dreams often become a reality when a huge jackpot is requested. It's this kind of money prizes that add the excitement to any game card.

Once three symbols match the expectation of what the payout sets the endorphins. In most cases, a table with any winning combination is visible right next to your game play. Minimum winning potential corresponds to the bet deployed.

Themes are plentiful with many duplicating popular Slots and Bingo games such as Deal or No Deal. Players also get scared of their buck costs as little as .25 per card.
Scratch Cards are part of the Lottery Gaming category which has become a huge success worldwide and is available in stores and markets.

Expanding to the online market, Scratch Cards are available at most online bingo and casinos that are of great interest to the gaming community.
So you go  do your thing  want you to do. We cannot tell you who to sock!

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Friday, 25 August 2017


The old man's winter has finally been abandoned, as he causes havoc on the other side of the world. The long-awaited spring has finally arrived on Thursday, March 20th and happy days are there again.

Thank God, online bingo players are working in the vicinity of the hard elements. But that does not mean that no one soon gives their favorite pastime! The old habits are hard to break and who wants to lock the Bingo action in the closet until the next winter.

When spring comes to our door, a little care is needed. It's a new year of life when the leaves grow in the trees and the flowers begin to germinate. It's time to grab your gardening tools, clean the garden and plant seeds for your flower garden and orchards.

Then, when you're ready to go to a 90-ball bingo game, the dreaded memory draws, the house needs spring cleaning. Pick up your cleaning supplies, bucket, mop, broom and dust, because instead of bingo balls you fight the dustballs.

Why is it enough for every bingo player to grab their fragrant salts at the thought of everything? The winter routine left us with a house that is in complete chaos because players retire to the Bingo community.

Knowing that spring cleaning is something that can no longer be avoided, the laptop lid closes suddenly and Bingo is put on hold. Just like a sprint runner who wants to break the all-time record, it's only a few hours before the progressive jackpot game is about to begin and time is the essence.

The curtains come in each room, cushions, bedspreads and carpets are thrown into the washing machine. With the power of the Incredible Hulk, the devices are pulled out of the walls and the backside is inlocked, dust balls are removed.

The blinds are removed from the windows to flush and flush with the hose. Nearby closets, cookers and refrigerators are cleaned. The floors are washed and seemed to be brand new. Since Spiderman separates the walls by cleaning them with soapy water, it looks like a cool coat paint.

It's time to sign up for your favorite Bingo site. You make a quick deposit, take a juicy bonus and you're ready to play with a few minutes to save.

The smell of spring comes outside and in your house. Brilliant with pride you realize, you realize, the curtains must now iron; there are no shadows on the windows and no sheets on the bed!

Tomorrow is another day.............

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

When a Bingo Site Changes Its Look like 888ladies

What thoughts are your thoughts when your favorite bingo site changes her look? I assume that if all changes are better; do not you think of happy thoughts but what if the changes are disappointing? Are upgrades or new looks a deal breaker for you?

888ladies recently revealed a brand new look and rolled out a new campaign with its players in mind, but it seems a bit to be missed. Actually, I think it's an important thing, but I will come later.

Basically 888ladies bingo players spoke about what they believed made a good online bingo site. The results were taken into account and the new 'You Make It Great' campaign was born.

According to 888ladies, the recent changes revealed players more of what they want, including special features such as the Make It Great voice that gives players the chance to share their feelings about what's happening in the site Relates.

They also added a Casino Games tab to the lobby, making the games much easier accessible. Finally, the site looks completely different. The new design and interface are intended to improve our experience.

More about the redesign of a 888ladies press release: "As part of the launch of the updated a new multimedia campaign has been developed that reflects how real women can experience their 888ladies and present in the new TV Ad Here.

 As part of the Campaign offers various promotions for players including 888 Free Bingo rooms for non-refundable players, a 15k giant jackpot game that is open to all players and 500 free Daily Bingo rooms that will be available to all depositors In addition, the new 888ladies also offer a welcome bonus where new players can play with 35, by setting up only 10.

I'm more than willing to accept change, but the new 888ladies seem to miss one thing. Where are the 888ladies? The cute little round ladies are gone. They have given the charm of the site and the removal of them is as if you release the jelly in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Play Thief on Common CasinoComeOn Casino has added the newly launched Thief video slot today - read about the NetEnt game and watch a video preview.

Thief is Net Entertainment's newest video slot has 5 roles and 25 pay lines. You will notice that the setting changes through the game as you go from the rainy street to the base game to the upper levels of a corridor and safe in the Free Spins features. At least it has 2 free spins features and the game can be played from 25p to £ 125 a spin.

Thief benefits from expanding wild symbols on the 3 middle rolls in the base game. More importantly, they also appear in the Free Spins feature. You can activate this by getting 3 scatters on games 3, 4 and 5 and you will receive 10 free spins. There is also a chance to win more free spins!

I really like the Adrenaline Free Spins feature that is activated by getting 3 Adrenaline scatter symbols on Reels 3, 4 and 5. You get 10 adrenaline free spins - these differ from normal free spins, as only Thief Tool, Adrenaline scatter and Diamond symbols appear on the roles that lead to much greater profit potential. Sound confused? Watch the NetEnt video preview below:

ComeOn Casino offers slots powered by Net Entertainment, Sheriff Gaming and Microgaming via their no download platform. They offer some favorite games like Immortal Romance and Piggy Riches (both classics only). However, I recommend that you try the Microgaming Battlestar Galactica slot, which is just excellent!

If you want jackpot slots, they offer the Mega Fortune game - this weekend paid 17.8 million euros! You can also try the Microgaming The Dark Knight slot, which has a huge $ 1.7 million jackpot. The biggest jackpot they offer now, however, is through the Hall of God's slot - it's worth over $ 2.5 million.

Payouts at ComeOn Casino are processed within 24 hours - they also provide you with all the most common payment methods, including debit / credit cards, Money Bookers and NETeller. There is also a maximum of £ 100 free to offer when depositing your deposit. This consists of 4 100% deposit bonuses up to 25 pounds each.

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Play The Six Million Dollar Man Slot at Gala Casino Gala Casino has added the Six Million Dollar Man video clip to their offer - read about the latest Partech slot and how to get an exclusive 200% welcome bonus of up to $ 200.

The slot of Six Million Dollar Man is Play test’s last slot game launched and can now be played exclusively at Gala Casino. Based on the television series with former astronaut Steve Austin who has bionic implants, it has a Bionic Spin Mode and a Free Games feature that is super.

The basic game has 6 symbols than it can appear as stacked in groups of 2 with the symbol of six million dollars man stacked in groups of 4. This also applies to the Free Games feature. The game has a Bionic Spin Mode where you will add extra 50% of your bet per spin. This can be beneficial because you can get up to 5 wilds per free spin!

The Bionic Free Games feature rewards you with 15 free spins with a collective function. If you get the bionic leg, the bionic arm and the bionic eye symbols, you will trigger another two free spins. Also, if you use Bionic Spin Mode, you can expect up to 5 wilds per free spin - can you imagine how big your win can be? This is where the great victories will come from.

You can only play The Six Million Dollar Man Slot Machine at Gala Casino - they have a download and instant play casino, but I prefer the latter because they include games from Play test, Ash Gaming and IGT. I like to play Ghost Rider, Cleopatra, Leprechaun Luck and The Incredible Hulk in one place (some of my favorites).

They focus on their customers and process their payments within 12 to 24 hours including weekends. They also offer all the most popular banking methods like Money bonkers, NE Teller and debit / credit cards.

Finally, via you get an exclusive 200% welcome bonus of up to 200 pounds. For example, if you deposit $ 100, you get $ 200 for free. The default bonus is a 100% offer, so this exclusive bonus gives you double money from the same deposit.

Get an Exclusive 200% Welcome Bonus up to £ 200 to play the Six Million Dollar Man at Gala Casino

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Sunday, 20 August 2017


Out of the many bingo players there are few people in this world who can say they have won a life-changing amount. We all thought of what we could do with a big bargain profit like paying off debts, having a common holiday or buying a fancy car.

I pushed online and found the story of Merrilie Rousseau, a California nurse. She took a trip to Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula last month. She was interested in their new bingo hall. She had never played bingo but chose to play in an evening session. She bought an electronic bingo bag for $ 80 and played about 30 minutes before she got a win.

As if this was not enough for Rousseau, the green lights began to flash when they unleashed her bingo. It seemed that she had also earned the progressive jackpot of $ 54,148 "the lights started going and my friends shouted:" You have a jackpot. "Rousseau said. "I was totally unbelief, and I'm still. Things like this do not happen to me - it's like the lottery wins."
Rousseau has played bingo at the church for the last 5 years. She was attracted to bingo because it involved a number of brain forces. I would say the thought at the window with electronic bingo.

Anyway, her friends called the new facility in Pechanga and it turned out to be a great recommendation.

Was the big victory a form of beginner happiness for the nurse? It was her first time in the bingo hall and she hit a huge victory she plans to use to restore her kitchen after paying taxes on the $ 54K.

Prior to her victory, the biggest win was $ 22K back in July.

"Winning $ 54,000 at bingo is rare-typical windfalls in bingo are usually from several hundred to one thousand dollars," said Ciara Green, a spokesman for Pechanga.

What would you do with a $ 54,000? As for me, I would take some time to sit on the beach, sit on the beach, drink a cocktail and decide how to spend the rest.

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Back in the Barnyard at Jackpot joy

Jackpot joy Bingo immediately took me from the unique bingo games to the amazing slot games. I had my adventures in the bejeweled bingo room, but sometimes it's all about the slots! Of all bingo sites, I would say that my happiness has been the best on this bingo site over the years.

This week I wanted to spend some quality time with the slots and Barnyard Bonanza was a great place to start. Non-bingo players can not realize it, but online bingo sites are as good at a slot machine as online casino and offer a wide range of choices from software companies like Aristocrat, IGT, Microgaming, Partech, Gomes’s and the list. Continues.

When it comes to slots, small bets seem not to work for me. I think if I do a little more, if I raise the bets a bit, I have a better chance of winning. So I'm on business and I started with £ 1 per spin.

I thought I had to move things and shake things so I had the ante at 2 pounds and hit the bonus. For my bonus selection I went to the chicken farm and won £ 20. I was definitely a little disappointed, but I did not want to get it done.

The payouts were decent during the normal game, but my bankroll went down. I was hoping for a shot at the free spins bonus. I've crossed my fingers because I've always played this slot; I've never got the free spins. For a long time I got the bonus, not the bonus I wanted but a bonus. 

The chicken farm did not work me so well, so I visited the sheep farm. This time was a bit better with a £ 40 victory over that round.

I remember when this lock first came out. I had to be one of the first people to play it. It's not often that there's a new Gomez's slot, so when I see one, I'm first in line to try it out. This time did not lead to a big payout or I got a chance with the free spins bonus, but at least I still have a first to look forward to. I'll be back in the barn on Jackpot joy soon!

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Bet Bright Casino Top New Casinos again feels the urge to clean up one of the best online casinos and proudly offer the unambiguous Bet Bright Casino. Pop in this remarkable internet casino and you will encounter a whole world of betting, gaming and gambling that will give you an outstanding playing experience. We at New Casinos really bring out this brand new news article to announce the fantastic welcome bonus package that offers this great web casino.

Bet bright Casino No Deposit Bonus First and foremost, we at New Casinos are proud to offer an exclusive compromise that we have only ensured for you. Sign up now and you get instant 10 pounds of free real money to use on an online casino game that you wish to bring to your attention at Bet Bright Casino. We at New Casinos are fully fulfilled to give you the opportunity to start your online gaming activity without risking one of your own expensive funds.

In addition to this majestic exclusive offer, Bet Bright Casino has its own turn to welcome you in its money-promising online casino environment. You are now on a preferred position, as you receive another 100% bonus offer, totaling your first 3 deposits up to £ 500. Make your first deposit and you get a great 100% bonus up to £ 300 with a 50-bet bet requirement. Then make your second deposit and you get a great 25% bonus up to £ 100, which is required 60 times and at the end of this great offer comes the third deposit to get a terrible 50% bonus to £ 100 with 60 times Played by money too. All you have to do is claim a minimum of £ 10 to claim your winning winnings. Grab the opportunity and start online entertainment.

Bet Bright Games You should definitely grab the analyzed welcome bid above so you can play on a wide range of online slots, progressive jackpot games and table games, all combined into an absolutely amazing cyber adventure. You can easily find them in the friendly and perfectly designed main interface that is in categories so you can make your choice safely and quickly. Remember that all this exciting online gaming experience can be up to date, a great opportunity that offers only the best Mobile Casino.

Read our brand online casino sites on Bet Bright Casino - Get  £ 10 free money after registration

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Women are in love with bingo for centuries, but today the bingo clubs suffer as more
Women take their computers to play online bingo. Online bingo continues to grow in
Popularity and it' s no wonder.

Modern women enjoy gambling instead of just housewives who cook, clean and care for the
Children. Women play online bingo and even have mobile bingo apps for when they are on
Their way. What is the attraction? Well, bingo is a simple game to play and the jackpots are
Really tempting!

Players can win thousands with the purchase of only one bingo car. Online bingo sites  is the game
On steroids. Players are attracted to all bells and whistles, including various types of bingo,
Interesting themes, casino games and especially the convenience factor.

One way to tell that women's favorite game is rising is to take a look at social networks.
Today Face book has taken over and bingo games are always showing up. Women love the
Social aspect, but why to chat in a bingo room if you can play with friends and reach a larger
Group of players if you play one of the many apps on a social networking site.women like chatting chat and many friendships are being developed while bingo numbers are called.

There are also a lot of prizes aimed at today's women. We are not talking about toasters,
Blenders or vacuum cleaners. Bingo prizes today include spa packages, beauty products,
Department stores gift cards, romantic vacations and more. Who would be more excited to
Win a romantic getaway with their sweetheart than a woman?

This millennium has brought more free time for women. We want to spend time with the
Things we love and this includes bingo! With all the awesome bonuses, prizes and jackpots
It's no wonder that so many women go to online bingo. Men, listen to the woman in your
Life. If she is so smart when we think she is, she loves bingo!

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


It is often said, "Life is a journey." That trip also includes learning and growing. Bingo and other forms of games are a way to learn a variety of skills: patience, teamwork, listening and communicating, etc.

In the process of research for this article, my little learning for today is that in Australia and New Zealand Bingo is called House. Interestingly, House is also defined by the Urban Dictionary as "one that has a stable living environment," or a way to refer to a roommate. But instead of breaking down to urban lingo, let's investigate House in the country "Down Under".

House is similar to bingo because it contains a card containing 27 places. Remember a Bingo card in the US has 25 spaces (5 rows of 5). In House the card has 3 rows of 9 spaces. The first column contains the numbers from 1 to 9 (or 10). The second column contains the numbers from 10 (or 11) to 20. The third, 30 (or 31) to 40 and so on to the last column containing the numbers 81 to 90. Each row contains five digits and four blank spaces. In other words, each ticket has 15 digits printed with 12 blank spaces.

As with Bingo, there is a "caller". There are several articles that refer to the caller and caller. But I'm leaving ... Typical Housie begins when the caller is 'Eyes Down'. The numbers are generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG) by drawing on a counter or bingo ball from a mechanical drawing machine.

The winning combinations also resemble Bingo:

Line - which includes a horizontal line on the ticket.

Two Lines - covering 2 horizontal lines on the card.

Full House - with all 15 songs on the ticket.

As with bingo, players use a "dabber" or "dauber" to mark the numbers on their ticket when that number is called. When a person wins, there are no formal rules about what to shout. Most people will be "YES!" Or "BINGO!" Shout. "LINE!" Or "HOUSE!" Are also acceptable and general notices to win?

No matter what version of Bingo you play - online or terrestrial, and whether you're playing in Kansas or Oz, as always, we hope you're having fun, and maybe the sweetness of a winning windfall will be on your way!

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Monday, 14 August 2017


You like bingo, but did you know that:

· There are 1,474,200 bingo card combinations that do not repeat in numbers.

· A university professor of mathematics at Columbia became angry after producing about 6,000 unique bingo card combinations.

· Research shows that the number one reason bingo players do not win, it is the pure pleasure of the game.

· The largest number of bingo players played to play was in New York with 60,000 in total and another 10,000 had to be taken down the door after they had reached full capacity.

· 96% of all bingo players claim that they have won at least once.

· There are exciting 552,446,474,061,129,000,000,000 unique bingo card combinations.

· The color of choice for bingo players is the color purple.

· Bingo is played by all ages with 30% of them under the age of 35 years.

· In Australia, the game bingo is referred to as "Housie".

· Bingo is the number one charity in the world.

· The first ever charity event was held in the church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

· In the big depression a bingo style game was played called "Screeno".

· Bingo is played in almost 90% of the world.

· There are about 2.5 million females who play regularly.

· After about four short years of bingo, about 10,000 games were played.

· The origins of bingo date back to 1530 in the form of the Italian Lottery.

· 1.1 billion pounds are spent on bingo games in the United Kingdom alone.

· There are more than 3 million bingo players in the United Kingdom.

· The biggest bingo winner ever got a surprising 956,000.

· The average amount a player spends on bingo on a particular day is between £ 15 and £ 20.

· Bingo numbers are listened with 23 in one minute.

· The average bingo game takes 3 to 6 minutes.

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Explore Magic Little Missy Bingo

Unicorns, rainbows and lollipops are definitely a way to look alive. That is, I am an eternal optimist. Oh, and definitely add SUNSHINE to that previous list! Yes, I also know that there are many cynics in life. Life is where one puts their focus. The universe is friendly or hostile. Maybe it may be somewhere between those two. But I doubt it (forgive cynicism - chuckle). To me it's magic.

This week, while I was looking for an idea for this bingo item, a friend of mine made me on LITTLE MISS BINGO. He said it brought the "little girl" to him. With his reaction I laughed aloud. It was really a LOLL, and then it made me realize that he gave me my solution for this week's writing assignment. When living in a forced way, which means in a controlled manner, it is usually - in my experience - difficult and unauthorized. That's why, what life means, taught me to trust the process ... trust the magic that can bring life and spontaneity.

Okay, so on to LITTLE MISS BINGO --- This bingo game is made by COZY GAMES. They offer 80 ball and 90 ball bingo games that feature "good feel" themes and great graphics. Plus the 80 and 90 ball versions appeal to the fast wishes that the new millennium and new technologies have promoted in all of us. COZY hails from the Isle of Man ... and it's a beautiful, magical island located in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland. Apparently, the island was created by two fighting giants. A giant, in Ireland, shot a piece of land and threw it on a giant in Scotland. The landmass fell short and landed in the Irish Sea, creating the Isle of Man. Curiously, the Isle of Man could actually be fit, in a lake in Ireland. Go figure! Regardless of your gender, look LITTLE MISS BINGO and look for your little inner lady or sir. And have a magic week / weekend!

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The Demographics of New Bingo Sites UK Players

If you return twenty years, most of the people would say that bingo could be a game reserved just for old women. However, in recent y...