Thursday, 31 August 2017

Explore The Bingo Birthday

If it' s a birthday of a bingo player, the festivities go for granted. You know that you can all relate. It was again that time of year, the mother in law' s birthday. She plays bingo every day of her life, but she mostly loves when her hair is birthday. It' s like a happy star hangs over her head all day long. Of course I was ready to participate in the bingo plans so the two of us were to our Gala Bingo club.

Electronic bingo cards are now a bit more acceptable among players, but there are still those who find the whole concept annoying. They find that electronic players have a greater advantage on them with more cards and the ability of fixed games. I' ve always gone the electronic route, but MIL is a dirty dabber, so I decided to come to her.

Gala Bingo offers ten games per book including a pair of linked bingo games. We are afraid of the linked games because the chance of winning against players from all over the country is slim. In fact, there are more of us who play one game than in an online bingo room. Because there are several players who regularly know her, her favorite table was decorated with birthday balloons and flowers.

The caller who despised her even wished her a happy birthday before the matches began. It has been a while since I wrote about MIL bingo tests and tribulations, so I have to mention it. To say that she is a serious bingo player would be the understatement of the century. She can begin to say she's lucky and by the end of the session she sits her head against the table.

There are those callers that they cannot stand and those who, according to her, are alright. I have to admit it was a bit entertaining to see that the caller who hated them the most in the world was on stage on her birthday. She only thinks the poor man, because she believes she loses the game every time he calls

The game. There must also be a lucky star on this day because she managed to achieve a full house win that saved him from her wrath. If only a birthday bingo session can be for us all!

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