Monday, 31 July 2017


No player wants to lose and every gambler is in it to win it. But are there any benefits to lose? Our immediate answer would of course not be! This cannot be completely true if we really stop and think about it. Winning is the greatest achievement a gambler can have, but losing happens much more than we are willing to acknowledge.

Have you ever listened to a gambler who made a big victory; It is something that is said with great pride, because in the end happiness came happiness and luckily our way. However, we rarely hear stories of wee and unless you have someone willing to drown their dreams with you.

Winning is an exciting feeling that the endorphins turn into a frenzy of excitement. Imagine that every time you played bingo you won. Ok, sounds good, but in reality, it would be no less challenging to always win? If you never experience a loss, you will get less appreciation if we win. Part of the game experience means taking a risk, wondering if you can win the chance and win the winner today.

There are stories of gamblers who have been in a hurry to win and first they are on cloud nine, but suddenly the excitement begins to fade away. After a while they shake their shoulders and say I've won again, but why am not as excited as the first 2 or 3 times. The challenge to claim that bingo turns a jackpot or 21 hits every blackjack hand is part of the thrill.

Like everything in life, the art of happiness is a few hugs on the road to experience a great appreciation when something sensational happens. For every losing bingo card, keystroke and hand handled at the table, there is a winner waiting just around the corner. Nothing is more enjoyable to get out of a bad loss and win. The next time you remember, you have to lose to appreciate a profit!

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